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Distance Learning Tips (COVID-19): Home

Helpful tips for dealing with challenges brought on by COVID-19

Helpful Tips

The Coronavirus has been a strain on many of us. But there are some students who have unique challenges as it relates to distance learning during this time. Here are some brief tips that hopefully will help you be as successful as God desires.

1. If your professor is holding class via video conferencing but you don't have a laptop or desktop, try using your smartphone (if you have one). Apple and Android have mobile versions of the most popular video chat apps that work remarkably well.

2. You can also download Microsoft Word and other Microsoft apps from the AppStore and Google Play to complete your papers from your phone. If typing a 15 page paper with your thumbs seems daunting try using the dictation option so the app can write out what you speak into the microphone. You should definitely be able to upload these saved works into D2L from your phone.

3. Need help finding information from the library's databases but can't sit with the reference librarian do to "social distancing"? Use the chat option from the library's homepage to ask questions and get answers sent back to you in a timely manner. Just click the yellow "We're Onilne" button on the library's homepage.

This list is definitely not exhaustive as I'm sure there are myriad other issues that students are facing for which this barely scratches the surface. However, I hope this helps in some small way. This list will be updated if/when new solutions to problems are developed as we learn of them. Stay safe and stay strong in the Lord.

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