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This guide contains access points to information specifically geared to assist in completing assignments in preparation for your Bachelor's degree in History.

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Welcome to Oakwood University Libraries' guide to History research. Here you will find a variety of sources to support your scholarly work. This guide provides quick access to books, e-books, databases and Internet resources, plus links to historians' blogs and a history poll.

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The content and design of this guide is borrowed, with permission, from Kieren Bailey of Oakwood University and  David C. Murray of Temple University.

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This guide includes print and online research tools related to the study of history.  It is a selected list of resource materials and is not meant to be exhaustive.  Please see a reference librarian for additional research assistance.

The call numbers for all areas of History are in the following classes. Class C includes material on the auxiliary sciences of history such as Geneologies and Biographies.  Class D is World History, history of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.. In classes E-F you will find the History of the Americas. 

Please note that although the majority of the tools are found in the aforementioned classes, you will need to go to other sections to get additional information for complete research.   An example of that is listed within the sample of books under the "Books" button.

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