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Help! I Need a Topic!: How Do I Expand My Topic?

Has your professor given you free license to write about anything? Do you have no idea where to start? This LibGuide will give you a few pointers on choosing a topic you love.

Strategy I

Remove a Proper Noun

Pretend your topic is currently "How Kristi Yamaguchi Inspired Asian-American Girls."

That's a valuable and important topic, but you might have trouble finding enough literature on that specific topic. Try expanding that topic into "The Representation of Female Asian-Americans, 1980--Present." (Removing the proper noun "Asian-American" would result in an overly broad topic --- unless you're writing a book.)

Strategy II

Broaden the Demographic

Are you focusing strictly on "Black American Seventh-day Adventist Millennial Attitudes Towards Same-Sex Marriage"? That's going to be a difficult topic to find research on. Instead, consider the topic "Black Seventh-day Adventist Attitudes Towards Same-Sex Marriage," or even "Black Christian Millennial Attitudes Towards Same-Sex Marriage."

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