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Integration of Faith and Learning: Administrators

Teaching and Learning with the Integration of Faith & Learning

 Application by Administrators 

Educational administrators who are committed to biblically-based  teaching and learning  set in motion an on-going, campus-wide board-endorsed plan that involves both faculty and staff in the transmission of the beliefs and values the institution wishes to convey to the students, solidly grounded in its own statement of mission, values, and vision. Such a plan includes the selection of new faculty, asking them to provide a written statement indicating how they will support the institutional mission and values in their courses, and also the induction of new faculty, guiding them in the integration of faith and values in their teaching. The plan often assigns to academic and support departments the responsibility of identifying the institutional beliefs and values applicable to the respective area of endeavor, including the course syllabus level. Some colleges and universities request that, as part of the tenure process, the faculty member involved present a document describing how they teach in their own particular fields of expertise. The biblical foundations plan usually assigns the overall coordinating responsibility to a representative committee that is granted the authority and provided the necessary resources to design, promote, supervise, and assess the plan’s effectiveness, making adjustments as needed. This unified plan helps administrators support initiatives that foster the effective transmission of those core beliefs and values and likewise de-emphasize or discard activities that do not contribute to this overall objective.



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