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Resources in Psychological Sciences: Search Techniques

To Broaden your Search...

Try to think of variant terms to input

Combine terms with the Boolean term 'OR'

Use Wildcard Searching

Choose full-text searching

To Narrow Your Search...

Use the Boolean Operators AND or NOT

Use Proximity operators

Utilize the limiter options in Advanced Search



This guide will show you examples of different search strategies to use when searching the online databases. Use this guide whenever you find yourself frustrated with retrieving no results on your topic, or if you are bogged down with too many results.

This guide covers the following:

Boolean Searching - Combining terms with AND, OR, or NOT to broaden or narrow your search.

Wildcard/Truncation Searching- Using symbols in place of letters to tell the database to search variations of a word

Proximity Searching - Searching for terms based on how close they appear in a document

Using the Advanced Search Interface

Browsing Subject Headings

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