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Archives/Museum & Special Collection at Eva B. Dykes Library: Oakwood History

The Archives provides Oakwood University, its constituents, and community with quality resources related to institutional historical records and the history of Black Adventism.

A Place Called Oakwood

Benjamin Baker compiled the following book about Oakwood and its beginnings.  You may read A Place Called Oakwood online.

Oakwood A Vision Splendid, Continues

The official history of the school is captured in Dr. Mervyn A. Warren's book Oakwood a Vision Splendid Continues (1896-2010).

Introducing Oakwood on Omeka

This website is a quick overview of "Introducing Oakwood" from the Keys to Success book used in the OU101 course.

First Sixteen Students

The original sixteen students of the Oakwood Industrial school are:

1.   Frank Brice                     9.    Mary Morford

2.   George Graham              10.   Thomas Murphy

3.   Ella Grimes                    11.   Lela Peck

4.   Robert Hancock             12.   Daisy Pollard

5.   Etta Littlejohn                13,   Harry Pollard

6.   Mary McBee                  14.  Grant Royston

7.   Nannie McNeal              15.  Samuel J. Thompson

8.   Charles Morford             16.   Frances Worthington

First Sixteen Add'l Information

Letter to Students in the Huntsville School

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