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Archives/Museum & Special Collection at Eva B. Dykes Library: Presidents

The Archives provides Oakwood University, its constituents, and community with quality resources related to institutional historical records and the history of Black Adventism.

Leslie N. Pollard (2011-Present)

The 11th president was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Lillian Pollard Sider on June 1, 1956.  Leslie showed an interest in religious things from an early age.   He attended the New Hope Baptist Church on his own at the age of 10.  It was there he learned his first memory verse, “I will make you fishers of men.”    In 1968, ...see more under Pollard bio.

Benjamin F. Reaves (1985-1996)

Dr. Benjamin F. Reaves became the ninth president of Oakwood University (then College) on December 8, 1985.  A native of New York ...see more under Reaves bio.

Frank W. Hale (1966-1971)

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 24, 1927, Frank Hale received his early education in the Buchanan School; and graduated from the Topeka High School in Kansas City Missouri, in 1944.  In the fall of that year, he entered ...see more under Hale bio

Frank L. Peterson (1945-1954)

Frank L. Peterson was born in Pensacola, Florida, August 12, 1893.  He received his elementary and high school education in private Methodist schools.  In 1907, he was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church; and in 1916, became the first Black  to graduate from Pacific  Union College, a Seventh-day Adventist institution located in Northern California.  That autumn he became a teacher in the ... see more under Biography (Peterson).

Delbert W. Baker (1996-2010)

Delbert W. Baker, Ph.D., a native of Oakland, California, is the 10th president of Oakwood College.  Prior to assuming office (November 17, 1996), Dr. Baker served as Special Assistant to the President and Director of Diversity at Loma Linda University, a health science institution located in Loma Linda...see more info under Baker bio or at

Calvin B. Rock (1971-1985)

Calvin B. Rock was born in New York City on July 4, 1930, and lived most of his early life in Los Angeles, California, where he graduated from Los Angeles  ...see more under Rock bio.

Addison V. Pinkney (1963-1966)

Addison V. Pinkney was born in Baltimore, Maryland, where he received the B.S. Degree in education from Morgan State University.  In 1965, he was granted the M.S. Degree in Administration and Curriculum Development from the University of Pennsylvania.

While serving the  Seventh-day Adventist Denomination as the Educational and Public ...see more under Pinkney bio.

James L. Moran (1932-1945)

Professor J. L. Moran (1894-1972) was born in New York City, June 15, 1894.  He completed the Normal Course at Atlantic Union College in 1918.  Immediately, he left for service in the United States Army and went to France where he remained until the close of World War I.   Before he returned to the United States, he attended the ...see more under Moran bio.

James I Beardsley (1917-1923)

Professor J. I. Beardsley was elected President in 1917 and has been remembered as a kind but firm president.  He was born in Quinnesec, Michigan, May 31, 1879.  His family moved to South Dakota, where he attended grade schools until.... see more under Beardsley bio.

Mervyn A. Warren (Aug - Dec 2010)

A native of Dallas, Texas, the early education of Warren took place in that public school system.  He graduated from Oakwood College (B. A. Ministerial Theology), Andrews ...see more under Warren bio.

Emerson Cooper (Aug - Dec 1985)

Dr. Emerson A. Cooper was born on January 15, 1924, in the Republic of Panama.  He grew up in the Canal Zone, where he received an American-style elementary and junior school education.  In 1946, he graduated from...see more under Cooper bio.

Garland J. Millet (1954-1963)

Garland J. Millet was born in Oakland California on February 23, 1913 to Oliver and Cynthia Millet.  Garland's mother Cynthia Gertrude Johnson had been baptized as a result of the "Morning Star" ministry on the Mississippi River, and later attended the "Huntsville ...see more under Millet bio

Joseph A. Tucker (1923-1932)

Professor J. A. Tucker, (1887-1981) was born near Palestine, Texas, March 16, 1887.  A Seventh-day minister moved to this community in 1896 and conducted meeting in a little schoolhouse which was soon erected on the Tucker farm was used for ...see more under Tucker bio.

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