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Archives/Museum & Special Collection at Eva B. Dykes Library: Markers

The Archives provides Oakwood University, its constituents, and community with quality resources related to institutional historical records and the history of Black Adventism.

Markers 1-5

1.   Slave Block

2.   Moran Hall

3.   School Bell

4.   Old Mansion

5.   Oakwood Founders

Markers 6-11

6.   Dred Scott

7.   East Hall

8.   Old Chapel

9.   Chapel Hall  

10.  King Speech Site

11.  Orphanage


Markers of Historical Sites

Oakwood University has a powerful and lasting mission of quality Christian education.  The university is built on the labor and dreams of its pioneers, who gave their educational and administrative talents to the school with little thought of reward and recognition.  The beautiful and spacious campus of today is a testament to its past history. 

In 2000, the administration and Board of Trustees of Oakwood University took historic steps to allow a permanent revisiting of this history through the Historical Marker Project, in which 17 bronze plates commemorate events and sites of significance to the university and its friends and alumni.  It is hoped that this series of markers will inspire, motivate, and help keep alive a sense of history at Oakwood as the university enters it second century.  The goal of the Historical Markers Project is to keep everyone aware of the presence of history.

Markers 12-17

12.   Slave Cabins

13.   Morning Star Connection

14.   Entrance Gate

15.   Morning Star Alumni House

16.   Farm Silos

17.   Slave Cemetery

Tour Map

This map represents the sites where the historical markers of the university are located.

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