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Turabian Citation Style Guide: Bills or Resolutions (Federal unenacted)

Content Provided courtesy of the Dudley Knox Library, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

Bills or Resolutions (Federal unenacted)

*Cite to Congressional Record if available.

N:  U.S. Congress, House, JUSTICE Act of 2009, 111th Cong., 1st sess., HR 4005, Congressional Record 155, no. 162, daily ed. (November 3, 2009): H 12287.

B:  U.S. Congress. House. JUSTICE Act of 2009. 111th Cong., 1st sess., HR 4005. Congressional Record155, no. 162, daily ed. (November 18, 2009): H 12287–12288. 

N:  U.S. Congress, Senate, JUSTICE Act of 2009, 111th Cong., 1st sess., Congressional Record 155, no. 132, daily ed. (September 17, 2009): S 9554.

B:  U.S. Congress. Senate. JUSTICE Act of 2009. 111th Cong., 1st sess.S 1686. Congressional Record155, no. 132, daily ed. (September 17, 2009): S 9554–9555.

P:  (U.S. Congress, Senate 2009, S 9554)

R:  U.S. Congress. Senate. 2009. JUSTICE Act of 2009. 111th Cong., 1st sess.,  Congressional Record155, no. 132, daily ed. (17 September): S 9554–9555. 


N: = Note

B: = Biblography

P: = In-text citations which are enclosed in parentheses.

R: = Reference List


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