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Turabian Citation Style Guide: Executive Orders

Content Provided courtesy of the Dudley Knox Library, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

Executive Orders

"Almost all legal works use notes for documentation and few use bibliographies. Any work using the author-date style that needs to do more than mention the occasional source in the text should therefore use supplementary footnotes or endnotes. " (CMS, 15.54)

N:  1. Executive Order no. 11,609, Code of Federal Regulations, title 3, § 586 (1971 –75).

B:  U.S. President. Executive Order no. 11,609. Code of Federal Regulations. Title 3, § 586
(1971 –75).

P:  (U.S. President 1971, 586)

R:  U.S. President. Executive Order no. 11,609. 1971. Code of Federal Regulations. Title 3 (1971 –75): 586.


N: = Note

B: = Biblography

P: = In-text citations which are enclosed in parentheses.

R: = Reference List


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